GMO in Monitoring of Respect of Gender Equality principles in Legislative Elections

The Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) is in monitoring of the respect of gender equality principles in parliamentary elections slated on 2nd and 3rd next month of September 2018.

The monitoring aims to identify best practices for respect of gender equality through all electoral processes, and identify persisting gaps that need to be addressed to give equal opportunities and rights for men and women to participate in elections.  

In elections, GMO assesses the level of participation of men and women in civic education, campaigns and polls and also analyses if the preparation of selected sites catered for basic needs of women and men. GMO also monitors the campaigns to assess if the campaigning messages are not gender segregative. 

GMO conducts such monitoring basing on its constitutional mandate to oversee the respect of gender equality principles at all levels. After the monitoring, GMO draws strategic recommendations that inform effective preparation of next elections.  

Key monitoring findings for the last elections 

Over the previous years, GMO monitored legislative elections of 2013 and last local government elections in 2016.

In summary, the analysis of laws and guidelines confirmed that Rwanda’s legal system provides a conducive environment to ensure participation of men and women in elections and in political space.  

For campaigns, GMO noted that the use of road shows allowed candidates to reach out to larger audience, which resulted to having high turn up of both men and women in campaigns. Selected sites were also easily accessible for both men and women. People with special needs such as pregnant women, those with babies, as well as people with disabilities were also facilitated while at the sites. 

GMO monitoring for this year’s legislative elections follows other recent engagements with electoral different stakeholders including organization of high level consultative meeting with political parties and National Election Commission (NEC) staff and volunteers.