GMO shares with Chadian delegation its experience in monitoring respect of gender equality

The Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) has on Wednesday this week shared with the Chadian delegation its experience on monitoring the respect of gender equality principles and approaches used to promote gender accountability across all sectors.

The delegation which was led by the Minister of Women, Protection of Early Childhood and Solidarity in Chad, Honorable Dr. Djalal A. Khalil was in Rwanda for a four-day learning visit from Monday 23 July 2017.

While receiving the delegation, the Chief Gender Monitor Rose Rwabuhihi said that Rwanda has made tremendous achievements in promoting gender equality thanks to gender sensitive legal, policy and institutional framework, backed with the high political will from the top country's leadership.

Sharing GMO experience, the Chief Gender Monitor told visitors that the Office was established to ensure that the country's gender commitments are effectively implemented, and also promote gender accountability at all levels in public, private sector and civil society organizations. 

For this to happen, three main approaches are used including conducting gender audits and assessments, establishment of systems to measure progress of Gender equality advancement in various development sectors as well as generation of data for evidence based advocacy and gender sensitive programming.

Production of gender profiles - picturing out how gender equality stands in various development sectors; development of Gender Information Management System to collect, store , manage and disseminate gender data, as well as introduction of the Gender Equality Certification programme to promote gender accountability in the private sector are among the key achievements shared with the delegation.

The fact that all public institutions now have to produce a Gender Budget Statement - indicating the budget allocated to promotion of gender equality through their budget, is another great milestone that Rwanda has made to institutionalize gender accountability in public institutions.

In her remarks, Hon. Minister Dr. Djalal A. Khalil commended Rwanda’s efforts in promoting gender equality and GMO work in institutionalizing gender accountability at different levels.

‘‘We've had fruitful discussions with Gender Monitoring Office about the Office’s mandate to monitor how Rwanda implements gender equality commitments. We have learnt a lot and been expired by the discussions. We look forward to closer partnership in promoting gender equality in our countries,’’ She said.