Political Parties Tipped on Respect of Gender Equality Principles in the Upcoming Legislative Elections

Political Parties operating in Rwanda were on Friday last week called on to ensure respect of gender equality in the upcoming legislative elections.

The call was made during a consultative meeting that brought together representatives of all 11 Political Parties at central and provincial levels, representatives of National Electoral Commission, Civil Society Organizations, development partners and other stakeholders.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Gender Monitor Rose Rwabuhihi reminded participants that Rwanda has committed to build a society that guarantees everyone’s rights without any prejudice to the principles of gender equality, thus both men and women should enjoy their rights by actively and equally participating in the governance of their nation.

‘‘Gender Equality is of the fundamental principles embedded in our Constitution. We all have to work together to ensure this principle is respected,’’ Said the Chief Gender Monitor.

The Spokesperson of National Consultative Forum of Political Organizations, Hon. Mukamana Elizabeth said that as political parties they consider gender equality as key towards delivering on their mandate of serving citizens.

‘‘Five Political Organizations among 11 registered in Rwanda are led by women. We are committed to make sure that gender equality is mainstreaming not only in election processes, but also in all our internal actions and rules" she said.

‘‘Political Parties play a key role in promoting women’s participation in decision making. It is our responsibility to ensure that we keep the momentum to allow our members contribute to the governance of this country,’’ She added.

The Chief Gender Monitor also thanked all Political Organizations, Partners, stakeholders and all participants for the fruitful discussions in the meeting which also was an opportunity to share lessons learned from previous elections, highlight good practices and indicate areas that require more efforts in the preparation of upcoming legislative elections.

Rwanda leads worldwide to have a higher number of female representation in the Parliament where 64% of Parliamentarians are women.

Parliamentary elections are slated for September 2 and 3, 2018.