Rwanda Attains Gender Parity in The Cabinet

Rwanda on Thursday last week made another milestone backing its commitment in promoting gender equality. This is none other than attaining the gender parity in the cabinet.

This came after the President of the Republic HE Paul Kagame made a reshuffle of cabinet members which left women making up 50 percent of the new cabinet.

Rwanda is the global leader in women's representation in parliament with 61.2 % and ranks as the 4th country on the global gender equality scale.

Speaking at the official opening of the 2018/2019 Judicial Year at Parliament Friday, the President said that having women in decision making positions backed with their fellow brothers is a great opportunity which may jointly contribute to addressing persisting challenges hindering the socio-economic wellbeing of Rwandans.

“Adding the number of women in these institutions should help in fixing these issues. If there are specific problems that concern girls and women, they should use all the tools available to make a difference. This does not mean that men should feel that this does not concern them because this works better if both men and women work together,” said the president of the Republic.

GBV should not happen at all

The President reiterated that while the solution to the persistent issue of sexual violence concerns both women and men, the former had, unlike in the past, been equipped with the opportunity to take action on issues that directly affect females.

The Head of State pointed out that sexual violence should not happen at all and it should not be affecting one side of the gender divide, adding that there was need to completely stamp out the issue.

In addition to attaining the parity in the cabinet, Rwanda is well known for its full commitment backed with political will in promoting gender equality and accountability in different sectors including education, Justice, health, governance and decentralization and achieved gains are visible in different sectors.