Ngororero Residents Urged to Fight against Defilement, One of key Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Residents in Ngororero District have been urged to denounce and report Gender Based Violence and child defilement cases in their neighborhoods, as it is among the main causes of teenage pregnancy that is hugely affecting adolescent girls and teenagers. 


The message was delivered last Saturday 17th November during the community dialogue organized as part of the Gender Accountability Day (GAD) series of activities. The GAD was organized by Gender Monitoring Office in partnership with Ngororero District in the framework of the ongoing campaign on violence against women and girls.   


Residents were requested to play upper role in preventing child defilement at community level by ensuring positive parenting which in turn sets a conducive environment for children in families. 


“Due to recurrent conflicts families children finally run away to find other places to live and then end up in risky situations, being maids and waitress in bars and restaurants where they are more exposed to defilement and rape”  said CP Rogers Rutikanga the western region Rwanda police commander.


“The parents and entire community should understand consequences aligned to such situations and should then immediately report to security organs at any time they suspect any case of child abuse”. He added.


Speaking at the dialogue, the Chief Gender Monitor Rose Rwabuhihi called on the entire community to play active role in preventing such crimes and added that the victims should also be supported and not harassed as some parents do. She rather urged the community to reintegrate them back to schools and support them to raise up their babies.


The Minister of State in the Ministry of Local Government Dr. Alivera Mukabaramba called the community to always promote mutual respect among couples which is key for achieving their social economic family targets and aspirations. She also urged the community to always timely denounce and report cases of GBV ensure quick support to the victim and pursuance of perpetrators.