GMO Organizes a Special Community Work for Supporting a Teen Mother

The Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) in partnership with Ngororero District and other stakeholders have on Saturday November 17, 2018 joined residents of Gitega cell, Matyazo Sector in a special Community work (Umuganda) to support a homeless local teen mother.

The community work aimed to raise community awareness on how to support teen mothers in a bid to contribute to their effective socio-economic reintegration.

The community work terraced a parcel where will be built a house for the identified teen mother. It was joined by different government officials including the Governor for the Western Province, Munyantwali Alphonse and Mayor of Ngororero Ndayambaje Godefroid the Chief Gender Monitor and Deputy Chief Gender Monitors. GMO has molibilized the funds that will be used to buy equipments to build a house. 

Commenting on the activity, the Deputy Chief Gender Monitor in charge of fighting against injustice and Gender Based Violence, Ms. Mukandasira Caritas said that GMO initiated this special Umuganda for the teen mother to show the local community that issues faced by teen mothers across the country can be addressed if the community feels concerned of this issue and joins hands with stakeholders to effectively respond to it.

‘‘The teen mothers face different challenges being in the community. Most of the times they are abandoned by their families and relatives, yet they are also children who should enjoy their rights. This has to change. We call upon the community to support these teen mothers instead of abandoning them.’’ the Deputy Chief Gender Monitor said.

In the same spirit of encouraging the community to support teen mothers, a 3-day workshop that brought together 100 teen mothers with their parents, government officials and other stakeholders was also organized to discuss on mechanisms to prevent and respond to teenage pregnancy. 

Speaking at the event, the Guest of Honour, Minister for Gender and Family Promotion, Hon Amb. Nyirahabimana Soline called on the society and all stakeholders, especially parents to avoid re-victimization of teen mothers and rather support them regardless their economic status.

‘‘We have to love our children with their kids. We have to support them in all our capacity with no excuse to our economic status to ensure their effective reintegration. Failing to do that is re-victimizing them. These are children who also gave birth to other children,’’ the Minister said.