Residents Sensitized to legalize their marriages to prevent family conflicts and GBV Cases

Couples were urged to live in mutual respect and avoid Family conflicts. Picture/ GMO


Ngororero residents living in illegal marriages have been called on to legalize marriage to contribute to prevention of family conflicts and different cases Gender Based Violence that are catalysed by living in illegal cohabitation among couples.

The call was made Wednesday 22 November of this week during a ceremony of legalizing marriages of couples who used to live without having legalized their marriages, an event that left nearly 150 couples of Hindiro and Matyazo Sector of Ngororero District legalized their marriages.

Legalized marriages

Legalization of marriages is one of the core activities that were carried out during the Gender Accountability Day event organised by the Gender Monitoring Office in partnership with Ngororero District and other partners including ActionAid Rwanda, UNICEF Rwanda, UN Women, Care International Rwanda, Hope and Homes for Children, Faith Victory Association, Umuhuza and Girl Effect.

Speaking at the event, the Guest of Honour Hon Minister for Sport and Culture Nyirasafari Esperance said that legalizing marriage does not only promote equal rights among couples but also aims to ensure child rights as well as prevention of family conflicts arising from luck of mutual respect among couples.

This is not a ceremony

''I congratulate those that legalised marriages today. This is not a ceremony as such rather a way of building a family that ensures equal rights and participation of both a man and women to ensure its socio-economic development,'' said the Minister.

The Minister thus called on all couples cohabiting in illegal marriage to also legalize their marriages since the government has availed all means and opportunities to easy the process.

In her opening remark in the launch of the Open Day on gender equality, an event wherein was embedded other activities like registration of children in civil books, free testing of communicable and non-communicable Diseases, the Chief Gender Monitor Rose Rwabuhihi reminded Ngororero residents that gender equality is key towards building a good and stable family where a man, a woman and their children feel happy to live.

Let's Synergize

She also called on all stakeholders in all development sectors to synergize to ensure continuous promotion of gender equality in order to build a society that guarantees equality rights and opportunities to both men and women, boys and girls.

The Gender Accountability Day (GAD) in Ngororero District which was concluded on Friday 23 Nov 2018 was initiated in 2017 by the Gender Monitoring Office as a platform to promote accountability to gender equality right from the glass root level. So far, two GAD events have been carried out in two Districts namely Rulindo and Nyagatare and resulted into tangible achievements.