GMO signs MoU with RRLF on promoting Gender accountability in religious institutions

The Gender Monitoring Office on Tuesday this week signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum (RRLF) that aims to further promote accountability to gender equality among religious institutions through strengthened coordination of religious and Faith Based Organizations.

The signed MoU is expected to provide a good platform for religions and churches in operating in Rwanda to jointly work with the government, stakeholders and different actors to promote gender equality at all levels and fight against Gender Based Violence in all its forms.

Message by the Bishop

Speaking at the signing event Bishop John Rucyahana, the Chairperson for RRLF commended the new step saying that it backs the existing partnership between RRLF and the Gender Monitoring Office towards the promotion of gender accountability.

‘‘We are very happy to sign this MoU today. Though we signed it today, the implementation of the rationale behind it started many years ago. We are committed to ensure Rwandans, both male and female enjoy equal rights and opportunities,’’ Said Bishop Rucyahana.

The signed MoU is a result of other preceded GMO partnerships and engagements with Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum.

Betterment of all Rwandans

Commenting on the MoU, the Chief Gender Monitor Rose Rwabuhihi hailed the commitment of RRLF leadership on promoting gender equality and fighting all forms of GBV and reiterated GMO’s dedication to ensure continuous bilateral collaboration.

 ‘‘We all work for the betterment of all Rwandans, men and women, girls and boys. No one would feel proud if a group of people is left behind or excluded in the national development. Working with religious institutions never takes away beliefs of members of any religion, rather it aims to build synergy as stakeholders for the better of our citizens,’’ said the Chief Gender Monitor.

In order to achieve the objective of the signed MoU, committed to incorporate gender throughout the bilateral relationship and to carry out joint activities such as follow ups and monitoring enforcement of gender equality principles.

Both sides also committed to establish a joint mechanism to monitor& report on the implementation of gender equality and GBV, create networks and mobilize religions& churches to establish programs which focuses of family, gender equality, GBV and Human security.

Other committed key points include:

•    Promote awareness about gender equality and gender-based violence prevention;

•    Create networks and promote the use of technology and innovative techniques to disseminate and share best practices to combat gender-based violence (GBV), including programs which engage women, men, girls, and boys;

•    Combat trafficking of girls and boys, including the forced labor or sex trafficking;

•    Develop outreach capabilities for Religious Leaders and religions and church believers, including workshops, to help and ensure that survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) are morally and legally supported.

•    Jointly work to fully restore rights of GBV victims,

•    Mobilize religions and churches to establish programs that focus on family, gender equality, Human security and the fight against GBV.

•    To establish a religious self-assessment mechanism to monitor implementation of gender equality principles and the fight of GBV

Signing MoU with Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum is in line with GMO commitment to continuously engage different strategic stakeholders, including religious institutions to promote gender accountability as per the Office mandate.