Northern and Eastern Provinces conducted Gender Accountability Week.

The Northern and Eastern Provinces in collaboration with The Gender Monitoring Office have from 07th to 14th March 2024 in North and 07th to 13 March 2023 conducted the Gender Accountability Week under the theme "Gender accountability, a driver for inclusive and transformative governance".

The Gender Accountability Week was conducted across all districts of Northern and Eastern Provinces, and different activities were realized including Child registration, Legalization of marriage across all sectors, awareness of services of Isange One-stop Center through Inteko z'abaturage and many more.

The key objective of gender accountability week is to enhance gender Accountability and improved GBV service delivery across districts.

This week brought up tangible results in both provinces, over 3,787 couples legalized their marriage during this week in Northern Province whereas 722 couples legalized their marriage. 2277 children were registered across all districts of Eastern Province.

While closing the gender accountability week in Eastern Province, Permanent Secretary of the Eastern Province Mrs Nyirahabimana Jeanne thanked Gender Monitoring Office for introducing this activity and requested all leaders across the province to work in the interest of the community and strive to have peaceful families.

In a consultative meeting held in the closing of the gender accountability week in Northern Province, the Governor of this Province Mrs Nyirarugero Dancile thanked the results of this week and praised leaders for their efforts towards the well-conducted Week.

Chief Gender Monitor Mrs Rwabuhihi thanked the local leaders of all districts and leadership of both Northern and Eastern Provinces in their coordination of this week, she requested the leaders to use community gathering Inteko y'Abaturage to solve all related families' problems.