GMO signs a concept of collaboration with RTI to promote Gender Accountability in SMEs

The Gender Monitoring Office Research Triangle Institute through its USAID-funded projects Hanga Akazi and Kungahaara Wagura Amasoko have on, Thursday 04th May 2023 signed a concept of collaboration to promote gender accountability in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the Gender Equality Seal Certification program (GES) in Rwanda.

Through the signed concept, both institutions committed to advancing gender accountability in small and medium enterprises by creating a gender-sensitive working environment, increasing a big number of women in SMEs and following usual gender equality approaches. The main objective of embedding gender in SMEs is to ensure their business models are more inclusive for underrepresented groups like women.

"We have been working with the big companies in promoting gender accountability through GES and we are proud of the results. Thanks for this tamandua's achievements registered will help us to scale -up the process in SMEs" said the Chief Gender Monitor Rwabuhihi Rose during the signing ceremony.

According to Mr Timothy Shumaker Chief of Party - Feed the Future Rwanda Hanga Akazi, promoting gender and social inclusion mainstreaming is one of our priorities." The signing of this concept is, therefore, an important step for us to initiate our contribution in promoting gender equality and creating an inclusive work environment in SMEs"

About Feed for the Future Hanga Akazi

Feed the Future Rwanda Hanga Akazi Projects is a five-year USAID-funded program that aims at addressing the problem of limited employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for Rwandans, especially women, youth and persons with disabilities which negatively impacts the Rwandan economy and the country's development goals. Hanga Akazi's interventions will support a minimum of 23,000 job seekers to access new or improved employment, while the Activity's support to agribusinesses will result in the creation of at least 19,000 jobs at partner

About Feed for the Future Rwanda Kungahara Wagura Amasoko

Feed the Future Rwanda Kungahara Wagura Amasoko is a five-year USAID-funded activity that works with and through the Government of Rwanda (GOR) to boost economic growth inclusively and sustainably by increasing the export of high-value agricultural products such as coffee, tea, horticulture and spices, animal products and emerging agricultural value chains like Stevia and essential oils.

About Gender Equality Seal Certification Program

Gender Equality Seal (GES) is a program being implemented by GMO in collaboration with PSF with support from UNDP and UN Women. It works towards eliminating gender inequalities in the workplace and businesses, while at the same time improving the lives of all employees and their families. So far GES has been implemented in big companies in Rwanda (Eg: BK, MTN,) and it has proven to increase opportunities to offer equal opportunities.