Inside of the GMO 2016-2017 Annual Report

Every fiscal year, the Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) releases a report detailing key registered achieved results in the completed fiscal year as per the law determining its responsibilities and functioning, especially in its article 22.

The present Gender Monitoring Office 2016-2017 Annual Report highlights the achieved results for the completed fiscal year against the planned targets. The implemented activities are in line with GMO's mandate of promoting gender accountability at all levels.

The GMO 2016-2017 Annual Report focuses on key realised achievements from monitoring gender mainstreaming, domestication, implementation and reporting on all regional and international gender commitments that Rwanda has ratified, the quality of services offered to Gender Based Violence victims, effectiveness of Gender Based Violence prevention and response mechanisms and serving as a reference point for information on gender equality in Rwanda.

The presented results in the report are grouped into four development pillars: Good Governance, Economy, Justice and Human Rights and Social welfare. In addition to programmatic results, the current report also emphasized on persisting gender gaps, institutional development and also proposes key recommendable actions to further strengthen Gender accountability across different sectors. The results are grouped under Government thematic pillars.

For more details, you can download the full Report on this link: