District Statisticians and Planners Acquired Skills to Interpret Gender Statistics Data

From 25th February to 02nd March 2013, Gender Monitoring Office (GMO) in collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) organized a workshop on gender statistics data interpretation. The workshop brought together all District planners and statisticians and was carried out in Musanze District at Gorilla Hotel. The aim of the workshop was to help district statisticians and planners to interpret available data in Gender statistics framework (GSF) recently populated and know how to produce the indicators from GSF using a metadata.

In his opening remarks, the Deputy Chief Gender Monitor in charge of Gender Mr Barengayabo Ramadhan emphasized on the expected results from the above mentioned workshop which will help in the elaboration of the EDPRS II and in the process of planning and gender monitoring & evaluation of institutional status based on reliable gender indicators, baseline and targets.

During the workshop participants formulated various recommendations which will help to solve the issue of unavailability of gender baseline. These include among others to provide a regular technical support on gender analysis of available district data from administrative records, surveys and censuses before the planning period and to reinforce the system of data collection at district level in the framework that avail the reliable gender related administrative data.

Closing the workshop, the Deputy Chief Gender Monitor appreciated the hard work done by the participants, and indicated that their commitment will help a lot in solving the challenge of unavailability of reliable gender and sex disaggregated data and facilitate gender sensitive planning by implementing the skills acquired during the workshop. He also said that the acquired gender skills in statistics data interpretation will help provide district database with reliable data collected with gender lens that will therefore inspire policy makers in the lead to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in Rwanda.