The Government of Rwanda has committed to build a society that gives and respects everyone’s rights. The country considers gender equality as a strategy for the respect of human rights, democracy and good governance for sustainable development.

To strategically position itself towards achieving these goals, the Government has put in place laws, policies, strategies and regulations in addition to domestication of different regional and international commitments as well as establishment of institutions mandated to promote gender equality between men and women, boys and girls.

To ensure compliance and effective implementation of the various national, regional and international commitments, the Government of Rwanda established the Gender Monitoring Office through the Constitution of 2003 revised in 2015, with a mandate to monitor the respect of Gender Equality principles, promote gender accountability at all levels and fight against Gender Based Violence and related injustices.

Affiliated to the Office of the Prime Minister, the Gender Monitoring Office is established by the law No 51/2007 0f 20/09/2007 which determines its responsibilities, organization and functioning.